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Wednesday, May 12 2005

Version Released

This small patch fixes a couple outstanding bugs that were present in version, released yesterday. This new version is available both as a full install and as a patch from version, so if you already downloaded yesterday's version, no need to download the whole thing again. Note that this version is COMPLETELY backwards compatible with version, so you can still play on servers while you wait for them to patch. Note, however, that the bugs will still exist if you're playing on a server.

Changes in

  • Fully backwards compatible with version No need to worry about "version mismatch" problems, as it's completely backwards compatible. Note that these two versions are NOT fully backwards compatible with the original version as I originally stated. I was wrong. Sorry.
  • "No Death Messages" bug fixed. No deaths messages were being displayed at all. They also made a blank line appeared in the console.
  • CTF4-BP-Morpheus loading screen added.
Wednesday, May 11 2005


Yes, you heard correctly. The new version of CTF4 has finally been released! After many months of slow development, the end has finally come! Head on over to the download page to start downloading, and then come back here to read about all the exciting changes!

Major changes in

  • New map: CTF4-BP-Morpheus! The CTF4 team is proud to give you the very first CTF3 map! Three towers, three flags.
  • Fully backwards compatible with version! This means that you can join servers running still version, and people with version can join version servers!
  • Client side crash bug fixed! This crash occurred if you had custom models installed and tried to play CTF4 with one of them.
  • Server crash bug fixed! This is the well-known "Server crash" everyone complains about. It actually occurred if the game ended while anyone was holding a flag. It's fixed! Servers run as smooth as silk now.
  • Green and Gold skins can now be included in seperate packages. This is so that skin artists can release a "standard" pack, and a "CTF4" pack. See the info page for details.
  • CTF4 can now be played on CTF maps. This is so that if you want to play with some of the unique CTF4 features in normal CTF, you can!
  • Many, many more bug fixes.