Info (FAQ)

Q: Can I ask you something?

A: First, read the readme that comes with CTF4. That will answer a lot of simple questions.

Q: Why can't I pick up this flag??

A: There are several reasons that you might not be able to pick up a flag. Version makes it easier to tell when you cannot pick up a flag by drawing a "Do not enter" sign right over the flag when you are looking at it. Here are some examples of why you might not be able to pick up a flag:

  • Designation is turned on, and the flag does not belong to your current target.
  • Distribution is turned on, and you do not need to capture that team's flag any more.
  • You are already carrying a flag, and "Carry Multiple Flags" is turned off.
  • Elimination is turned on, and your team has been eliminated.

Q: How do I set up the team symbols for each team on the command line? The normal commands don't seem to work.

A: Yes, the variables are named differently for CTF4. Use: OLRedTeamSymbol, OLBlueTeamSymbol, OLGreenTeamSymbol, and OLGoldTeamSymbol.

Q: Why can't I see any custom skins I have installed? They all show the default model!

A: By default, if a skin does not have green and gold versions, then the skin will fall back to the default model. This is so that you do not get players in the game whose team you cannot identify. However, as of version, you can turn on a client side option that will allow these "invalid" skins to load anyway. To get to it, go to the CTF4 options, which are located in SETTINGS, on the HUD tab, on the bottom right. Select "4 team gametypes" from the dropdown, and click Configure. Turn on the option labeled "Allow Invalid Skins."

Q: I want to make a map for CTF4. What do I need to know?

A: I have set up a page on the Unreal Wiki detailing how to make a CTF4 map. You can view that page here.

Q: How to I make my skin compatible with CTF4? What do I name the green and gold skins?

A: You have two options:The easiest is to simply include green and gold skins inside your skin package, with the suffixes _2 for green, and _3 for gold. However, a lot of people expressed concern that this greatly increases the size of skin packages, and it's not fair to those who do not want to have green and gold versions. So as of version there is a way to add green and gold skins in a separate package! Simply put the green and gold skins (with the _2 and _3 suffixes respectively) in a separate package named <YourPackageName>_4teams.utx. So if your skin package is named MyAwesomeSuperSkin.utx, then there should also be a new package named MyAwesomeSuperSkin_4teams.utx.

Q: My question isn't on this list.

A: That's not a question. But you can email me anyway. My email address is